By using a globe of musical language in my compositions I have found that there are endless possibilities to connect with people. Combining musical languages can be a very powerful vehicle for change and progress when people hear, experience and enjoy the results.

By performing with artists from different walks of life, I broaden the perspectives of my audience. This can go a long way towards creating more tolerance and understanding. That is what all of the ensembles I lead aim to do in our live performances.

The lyrical themes of my songs range from Meditation, Self-Reliance, Love, Economic Justice, Environmental Awareness, Collective Consciousness and Intuition. I write these lyrics as inspiration for myself, yet I know that they speak to others. I also employ folkloric spiritual elements that embody the sentiments of universal energy fields, for example, ancient prayers for Yoruban deities or “Orishas” in Afro-Cuban religion, as well as North Indian ragas.

It is important for me as a female composer, vocalist AND instrumentalist to represent strength and courage and to continue to play instruments that are underrepresented by women like bass and percussion. These instruments chose me as much as I chose them.

I seek to inspire confidence in other women to express themselves. I believe by making my “works in progress” into “finished products”, I am a creator of opportunities for women through my performance ensembles as well as for young people for whom I set an example as a mentor and teaching artist in several communities locally and abroad.