New Release! “Salon du coiffure”


Haitian Kompa, Pop and New Wave meet Congolese Soukkous in a quasi-French vocal style that addresses the role of “insignificant others” in our lives via Whatsapp messaging. Have you ever had an “insignificant other” for more than 2 years? This song is 4 u.

Dima Kay from Karikatura and Dawn Drake & ZapOte come together for this collaboration that features guest artist Yohni Djungu Sungu on guitar. American bassist, conguera, and singer-songwriter Dawn Drake tells a tale of heartache and weirdness which naturally comes along with the territory of relationships in the age of social media where texting, text etiquette and what you write or don’t write on Whatsapp messages can either make or break communication. The song is written in the context of the cosmopolitan demographic of New York where cultures, bodies and languages collide in a delightful mix of misunderstanding and the possibility of making up.