ZapOte Global Girls Initiative

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ZapOte started a new international initiative called the ZapOte Global ‘Girls’ Gender Equality Initiative’ aimed to empower women and girls through music in 2017. We have several projects underway including a cultural exchange, performance and volunteer workshop for youth in Belize during the Belize International Jazz Festival in Belize City, Belize.

We are continuing this work in Santiago de Cuba 2019 at the Santiago de Cuba’s Festival del Caribe where we will be giving a presentation on the topic of gender in the music industry and we will be performing at the festival as well.

We aim to represent and empower women to be self-reliant entrepreneurs who put artistry and the quality of music first and to spread a positive and strong message to today’s young women about their own possibilities to excel. We are doing this through music, as this is our profession and our chosen field; however we aim to work towards gender equality in all aspects of society.

We hope to be role models for young women who want to be musicians, instrumentalists and entrepreneurs as well as show that there are a myriad of ways to represent oneself as an artist. We hope to empower and inspire the next generation’s girls to be self reliant and to support each other as women.

Importantly, we work with  boys AND girls in our performances and workshops and we believe that we can be powerful role models for boys as well. For boys to see women in varied roles we may also help them to be more well-rounded individuals in their views of gender and identity, perhaps giving them more freedom and flexibility to try different things as well.

To donate to this project please visit our Fractured Atlas Sponsored Program site.