Dawn Drake & ZapOte Music Outreach, Youth and Women’s Empowerment Work

2018 was a big year for ZapOte because we did our first US Embassy sponsored outreach program to foster women’s and youth empowerment in the country of Belize.

Dawn Drake is a teaching artist and community leader who has worked with several community groups such as senior centers, women’s music festivals, youth after school programs, school assembly programs and special needs music residencies in the US. Her work in Belize led to a partnership with the US Embassy who sponsored performances and workshops in schools, community markets, collaborations with local musicians, youth steel pan orchestras and more. This page is dedicated to that work to show what we did there as well as what we have done in the US.

We also have a more targeted fundraising campaign called the “Global Girls” Gender Equality Initiative with a fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas.